Operation Control Centers

  • Operation Control Centers


Operational control of the host totalisator application is accomplished via secure Operations Centers, which are located in separate facilities from the Data Centers. Operations Centers provide tote system setup, race day control, and secure monitoring. Like our Data Centers, each Operations Control Center is capable of assuming the functions of any other Operations Center in an emergency. Our Louisville Operations Control Center is also home to the United Tote’s Technical Help Desk.

Race Day Control

United Tote personnel set up host race card and simulcast programs as desired by track management. The system supports up to 256 inbound and outbound concurrent signals, and sufficient numbers of races, runners, and pools to satisfy all operational requirements. The highly configurable schema employed by our system gives customers the ability to tailor our applications to their individual needs.

Network Management

United Tote’s Technical Assistance Support Center (TASC) monitors the health of our network infrastructure utilizing the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Using SNMP, our network analysts monitor bandwidth usage to ensure sufficient provisioning, as well as to optimize provisioning as wagering activity levels fluctuate.

Analysts are also able to view an array of metrics to proactively monitor the health of our production WAN links and individual devices across our entire network so that in the unlikely case of a critical event alerts are raised, facilitating a rapid resolution.