• F-Series


The F-Series terminal is one of United Tote’s most popular systems due to its “flip-ability” and compact size. Depending on staffing and patron level, facility managers can choose to flip the terminals between teller and self-service modes of operation, or use them for full-time, self-service operation—a decision that can potentially lead to increased handle.

The F-Series runs on the Microsoft® Windows® operating system and utilizes United Tote’s innovative EnterBet™ wagering interface. All modules of the terminal (CPU, printer, reader, customer display, keyboard, etc.) are located within the compact terminal and readily accessible. Also, peripherals are hot-swappable and self-initializing, so repairs are fast and easy.

Designed by United Tote engineers and a third-party company, the F-Series terminal supports the unique operational needs and service demands of racetracks and off-track betting facilities, while incorporating latest point-of-sale industry practices in ergonomics and customer service.

F-Series Product Sheet

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