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United Tote has been serving the racing industry since 1959, as a supplier of pari-mutuel wagering products and services. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, we manufacture and operate systems for more than 150 racing companies and numerous off-track betting (OTB) facilities in North America and around the world. Our parent company, Churchill Downs Incorporated (NASDAQ: CHDN), acquired United Tote in 2010, and is continuously committed to growing our innovative wagering technology products for the racing industry.

United Tote products integrate all elements necessary for successful pari-mutuel wagering, including efficient network communications, product distribution (on-track, off-track, internet, ADW, phone, smartphone, wagering applications (self-serve, teller, account) and customer products (settlement solutions, loyalty programs, handicapping contest, winning ticket redemption, etc.) into a single unified solution. The result is a powerful interactive, handle increasing, wagering system that delivers exceptional customer experience.

Why Choose United Tote?

  • Most reliable totalisator provider. United Tote Systems have been operating the biggest days in racing for over two decades as well as the biggest day in-day out meets in the US since 2004.
  • We are committed to racing. Our parent company, Churchill Downs Incorporated (NASDAQ: CHDN) is one of the strongest racing companies in the world and is committed to United Tote’s continuous technology innovation. 

UT Totalisator Technology Highlights

  • Single code base system, allows for a consolidated totalisator solution and not “island” systems that are patched up to keep up with the industry.
  • The most efficient totalisator protocol – Our system processes wagers through a single transaction unlike other systems that require multiple transactions creating unnecessary traffic on the tote. On our most recent totalisator system load testing, we simulated the recent on-track Kentucky Derby day system load increased six times within a fifteen (15) minute time frame with no issues. Even on peak days, our system operates using less than 10% of its capacity.
  • Totalisator application written in the highly efficient, stable and defacto standard high performance programming language C++. Leading technology companies chose C++ over other available languages.
  • United Tote Systems support a variety of pool types and betting styles like the ones approved in major US, Canadian, South Korean and South American jurisdictions.
  • Capacity to handle multiple currencies on terminals and ITSP as well as cross-cashing between systems. This feature is heavily utilized in our international operations.
  • Web Services platform -Totelink- allows for virtually any type of third party integration, including lottery and fixed odds on the same terminal.
  • Business optimization products -UT Vision- features real-time data feeds for continuous database population, allowing track operators to monitor track and customer performance.
  • United Tote terminals are intelligent client devices – Our terminal interface design allows for a significant part of the wagering process to occur at the terminal level, reducing the transaction traffic between the tote and the terminal, resulting in faster wager processing.
  • Our EnterBet™ wagering interface features up to the minute probable pays, odds and probable pay offs to help the customer on their wager selection.