KAM™ Kiosk Account Management

Current Capabilities

  • Account Management
  • Create or Update Account
  • View Account History
  • Fund Account from Cash
  • Withdraw from Account to Cash
  • Bill Recycler - Uses cash inserted for dispensing reducing the need to refill.
  • Cash is dispensed as last in, first out. This helps reduce money laundering attempts.
  • Driver's License Scanner - Used during account creation to quickly populate account fields.
  • Mag Strip Reader - United Tote Customer account cards can be used to login.
  • Receipt Printer
  • WiFi Access Point for FastBet Mobile™ Access
  • Same Footprint as Conventional ATM
  • Seamless Integration with United Tote Systems
  • Establish funded accounts used to place wagers
  • Ticket Reader - to fund accounts or cash out
  • Will cash all tickets generated from other United Tote terminals.

Future Capabilities

  • Debit Card Funding
  • Third Party Portal Access for loyalty programs or handicapping information

KAMi™ Kiosk Account Management Interactive™

  • Create FastBet Mobile™ account (FastBet Mobile™ account is a funded account used to place wagers)

KAM Product Sheet

Contact our Sales Team for more information: sales@unitedtote.com